May 18, 2024

Now more than ever, young couples want to capture the unique memories that will last a lifetime, and they’re open to trying out different approaches to photography. Wedding planners today use a wide range of styles to set themselves apart from the competition. Even more so, there is a wide variety of styles to investigate. Wedding photography and videography have come a long way in the previous decade, thanks in part to developments in mobile technology and social media. In the past, wedding photographers and videographers have only captured posed, guided, and rearranged shots.

1. The Role of Time

Traditional photography, as the name implies, requires a human to physically set up the camera each time a picture is to be taken. Therefore, the conventional approach is laborious and slow. However, today’s photographers may capture an authentic scene with little more than their camera and some natural light. They slip the cameras over their necks and wander around the wedding, trying to capture candid shots without drawing attention to themselves.

2. Training

The Traditional Photographer’s main goal is to capture as many participants and scenes as possible. Thus, he can avoid the effort of learning complex skills. He must be strict and present at all times. A modern or candid photographer needs to be proficient with lighting, different lenses, and tools like reflectors. A good candid photographer at wedding needs to be technically trained to ensure that the photos she delivers are consistent regardless of the lighting situation.

3. Moving image

Older models of cameras are preferred by traditional photographers. This means they can’t take photos of action or unguarded moments. If they try to replicate this, the resulting images will be fuzzy. In contrast, today’s wedding photographers as seen on Marc Shaw Photography & Films are increasingly interested in creating moving images. 

4. Editing Techniques

The average month for the Traditional Photographer is filled with tens of weddings. Time constraints prevent him from doing more than minimal work on the images. A large number of hardly edited photographs is usually what you end up with. The Candid Photographer always takes the time to sit down and make substantial changes to the photographs she takes.