April 15, 2024

Photo booths continue experiencing a revival for good reason – they add personalized, interactive energy, unlike any other element. More than a mere decoration, they offer guests a prompted experience capturing the essence of celebration.

Backdrops set the tone for the photobooth experience you wish to create. Classic curtains festooned with fairy lights infuse traditional vintage charm. Brilliant sequins transport guests straight onto a Broadway set. Flower walls feel freshly contemporary and vibrant. Opt for standout colors suiting your palette or patterns reflecting your wedding style story. If space allows, consider a two-sided backdrop with contrasting feels – bold patterns out front, and romantic florals behind. This variety doubles photo possibilities for guests.

Strategically select props

Props elevate photobooth potential beyond basic portraits to silly, memorable snapshots guests adore. Include an array of wacky hats, boas, oversized glasses, masks, and signs. Don’t forget cute options for little ones like bunny ears and superhero masks. Having themed props coordinates everything cohesively cowboy for a ranch wedding, tropical bits for a luau. When possible, incorporate “Easter egg” inside joke items just for your bridal party capturing your friendships. Display it all creatively in baskets, bins, and decorative shelves so guests get playfully inspired sorting through their options. 

Offer group shot potential  

Booths feel communal, yet many limit capacity to two people. Modern wedding trends, however, emphasize community celebration. Seek out booths allowing four to five people to encourage bigger groups like families. If yours caps at two, create adjacent space for larger gatherings to take pictures just outside using handheld prints. Having this option prompts guests to gather together more frequently. Not only will they bond throughout the process, but they’ll walk away with heartwarming images capturing connections.

Go all out with borders and filters   

Basic photo strips feel dated compared to filters and sticker features of saturating apps like Instagram. Elevate your booth’s offerings by having extensive design features edited onto prints. Opt for Dashbooth or Picster machines providing seemingly endless templates, fonts, filters, and overlay options for customization. Their user-friendly screens make adding doodles, captions, and enhancing shots a breeze. The sheer variety delights guests, resulting in spectacular in-the-moment works of art and laughs galore.

Give unlimited prints  

Nothing feels more disappointing than an amazing photo booth memory without the prints to match. Stick to vendors offering unlimited printing so guests commemorate every magical moment. Make sure the machine holds enough paper and ink to avoid frustrating glitches. Strategically place your booth near the dance floor, bar, or during late-night times to fully take advantage of this offering. Come Monday morning, friends will delight in discovering wallet-sized photobooth memories tucked into their belongings to cherish.

Strategically incorporate video  

Photo booths traditionally capture posed prints. However, introducing video elements meets modern guests’ appetite for multidimensional content. Have an attendant record funny clips as friends ham it up or leave video well-wishes you can play at anniversaries. If budget allows, integrate a ring light and a higher-quality camera to facilitate creation. Supply props and your customized hashtag to inspire imaginative content. Not tech-savvy? No problem! Simply display a laptop with your favorite proposal or a couple of photos streaming on a loop. This motion attracts the eye while showing off your bond. If you require additional details, check out snap-booth.com/locations-photo-booths-uk.