April 15, 2024

Traveling isn’t the only way to experience different cultures. Here are some other ways to reap the benefits of improving your cultural awareness.  

1. Read a Novel Set in the Country

Fiction is an interesting way to learn about another culture. You’ll often find the quirks of a culture hidden in the ages. It also allows you to draw your conclusions. 

2. Read a Foreign Language Novel

If you can speak a foreign language, reading a book in that language will reveal a lot. Don’t worry if you can’t speak the language, because an English translation will likely be available. 

3. Read a Travelogue

A travelogue could be an option if you’re not keen on reading a book. This type of writing draws you into the action and makes you feel like you’re being taken on a journey. 

4. Read a Local Newspaper

Being able to read another language is not always essential when it comes to learning about the news. Quite often there will be an English version, especially if there are plenty of expats living there. 

5. Watch a Documentary

This is one of the easiest ways to learn about a different culture. Check out your favorite streaming site as there will be lots of options. Magical Anded and Street Food Asia are just a couple of examples to check out. 

6. Watch a Movie Set There

When you’re watching a movie, the storyline might be fictional but any cultural aspects will be based on real-life. 

7. Watch YouTube Travel Vlogs

Travel vlogs are a good way for you to get a glimpse into another country. If the vlogger has spent enough time in the country, they’ll be able to reveal a lot about the culture. 

8. Learn a Language

You might not become fluent, but understanding the basics of a language can teach you a lot. 

9. Take Part in a Cultural Celebration

Hispanic Heritage Month and similar events are ways of honoring cultures and traditions. There will likely be free concerts, art festivals, and parades.  

10. Volunteer

If there aren’t any opportunities to volunteer in your local area, you may be able to volunteer online. For example, the UN posts opportunities on its website, or if you speak another language, Translators Without Borders is always looking for volunteers.