April 15, 2024

To have a great shape for your butt, you don’t only do butt exercises; you also have to choose the right jeans. Several factors can be looked into to determine the real worth of the jeans for you to acquire the best butt shape. You can have the best butt lifting jeans by checking out the following:

Pocket Position

When the back pocket of the jeans is located lower, this will make your butt look flatter. Oversized back pockets may cover the entire butt cheek, making it look smaller. This is why it is recommended to choose jeans with smaller pockets and placed higher. This will give the butt the illusion of being lifted.

Denim Color

If you like to direct the attention of other people toward your butt, choose a darker color for your denim. This can be dark blue or black. This is a myth of some sort. The truth is that any light shade for your denim would make your butt the center of attention. In the same way, light contouring on the butt cheek can enhance your butt’s shape.

Denim Material

The material used for denim also has a major role in enhancing the butt’s shape. Jeans that are made up of a heavy fabric often result in a saggy look. This is because of the excess material that tends to be bunched up on the butt. Meanwhile, stretchable denim offers a much better butt shape by giving the illusion of having a fuller butt.

Shape of the Yoke

The yoke of your denim is crucial to giving your butt a great shape. The yoke is the V shape part of the denim that can be found below the waistband and exactly above the rear pockets. The shape of the yoke may help to carve one’s body curves.

Butt Pocket Design

The best butt lifting jeans has the appropriate butt pocket design too. Bear in mind that any design, stitch, and embellishment may draw attention. If you want people’s attention to be drawn toward your butt, you can place any big design on your jeans ‘ back pocket to give the illusion of having a bigger butt. Hence, you have to choose a pair of jeans that has huge and flashy embroidery.

More Tips

It is crucial to choose a pair of jeans that has breathable and soft fabric. You may find material that has spandex and cotton blends, which can wick moisture. This may help prevent sweating in the area.

You may get lucky too since there are butt lifting pants that have tummy-control features. This is similar to softening the butt area of denim pants. Butt lifter pants that are made of stretchy material can give you an hourglass shape from the abs down to the hips.