July 18, 2024

Upon closer inspection of any given diamond engagement ring, it becomes clear that the ring’s current owner was first captivated by the stone’s outstanding beauty. Yet the truth is that it takes more than simply selecting a desired stone within a given price range based on personal choice alone to choose the perfect stone for an engagement ring.

The stone was a source of motivation.

Other major characteristics, such as form, colour, and size, are crucial to take into account since they will have an influence on the entire look of the completed result, whether by complementing or clashing with the person’s natural size, height, and colouring. Hence, bear in mind the many gemstone cuts, ring settings, and bespoke options while shopping for an engagement stone, so that your treasured stone may be accentuated and shown in the best possible light.

Diamond and Gemstone Shapes: Some Things to Think About

You can’t be confident you’ve picked the perfect gemstone for your Luxuria flawless diamond simulant rings until you’re well informed with all the options available to you. You should also be aware that a gemstone’s form may be used to draw attention to certain qualities. In addition, the importance of one or more of these features is enhanced in particular stones due to a larger concentration of those properties.


The round form is often used for colourless diamonds because it best showcases the brilliant cut. While this style looks great on a wide range of body types, it comes at a significantly greater price. Round brilliant cut diamonds and royal princess cut diamonds are neck and neck when it comes to being the most popular shape for colourless diamonds.

You will need to be picky if a coloured diamond of this form is what you are seeking. Using a round or princess cut makes it considerably more difficult to get a good colour. In fact, this is the main reason why cushion and radiant cut diamonds are more widely available. Princess cuts need special attention when dealing with softer gemstones like emeralds, which are more prone to chipping than harder stones like diamonds and sapphires. It’s not that this form is inherently less desirable than others; it simply calls for a little more TLC.


Diamonds and gemstones shaped like hearts have an attraction that might be romantic or attractive, depending on your point of view, even before the addition of colour. Diamonds that are cut in this shape run the risk of having a bow tie look, so choose carefully. This effect is simply a shadow in the shape of a bow tie that emerges in the middle of the stone. Despite this, it creates a lovely shape for those looking for something novel and cosy.


Oval diamonds and gemstones are ideal for people who want to make their fingers seem longer and thinner than they really are because of their extended form. If you like the idea of a round diamond but don’t want to spend the astronomical prices often connected with them and also want a shape that is more unique, this may be the perfect middle ground for you.